Prevalence of Baker’s cyst in patients with knee pain: an ultrasonographic study

Submitted: 17 September 2013
Accepted: 4 February 2014
Published: 14 March 2014
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The objectives of this study are to investigate the prevalence of Baker’s cyst (BC) in patients with knee pain, and to assess the correlation between BC and severity of osteophytes and joint effusion. A retrospective study was conducted on a group of patients with knee pain referred to our outpatient clinic for ultrasonography of the knee between January 2010 and February 2011. Patients underwent an ultrasonographic exam of the knees to assess the presence of marginal femorotibial osteophytosis, joint effusion and BC. A dichotomous score was assigned to each item (1 present, 0 absent) and severity of US signs of osteoarthritis and joint effusion were also graded semiquantitatively. Collected data were processed using logistic regression analysis to evaluate the correlation between degree of osteophytosis and joint effusion and BC. Patients affected by inflammatory joint conditions or with history of joint surgery or recent trauma were excluded. A total of 399 patients with knee pain were studied (299 women), in the age range 18-89 years (mean 56.2, SD 16.3 years). 293 patients (73.4%) showed sonographic features of osteoarthritis and 251 (62.9%) joint effusion. BC was found in 102 patients (25.8%) together with a positive association with sonographic features of osteoarthritis and joint effusion. Our data show a prevalence of BC of 25.8% in a population of patients with knee pain, and suggest that BC is positively related to osteoarthritis and joint effusion. Ultrasonographic examination of knee is worthwhile in patients with painful osteoarthritis or evidence of effusion.



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Picerno, V., Filippou, G., Bertoldi, I., Adinolfi, A., Di Sabatino, V., Galeazzi, M., & Frediani, B. (2014). Prevalence of Baker’s cyst in patients with knee pain: an ultrasonographic study. Reumatismo, 65(6), 264–270.