Tophi reduction: ultrasound imaging and correlation with plasma levels of uric acid in patients undergoing treatment for tophaceous gout

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A.J.L. Ferrari
A.R. Corrêa Fernandes
R. de Almeida Agustinelli *
H. Seike
E. de Ávila Fernandes
(*) Corresponding Author:
R. de Almeida Agustinelli |


The objective was to determine the reduction of tophi in patients undergoing drug therapy in correlation with urate serum levels through ultrasound examination. A total of 31 male patients, between the ages of 33 to 77 years, with tophaceous gout were evaluated between 2005 and 2009, 11 of which were selected. Ultrasound examinations of visible tophi and evaluations of serum uric acids levels were performed annually on each patient. There was a statistically significant difference between measurements 1, 2, 3 and measurement 4 and between measurements 4 and 5. A strong significant positive association was seen between variation of tophus size and the reduction of serum uric acid levels.

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