Cardiovascular and renal effects of hyperuricaemia and gout

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F. Viazzi *
G. Leoncini
R. Pontremoli
(*) Corresponding Author:
F. Viazzi |


A number of epidemiological studies have reported an association between serum uric acid levels and a wide variety of high-risk conditions including hypertension, insulin resistance, and kidney and cerebro-cardiovascular disease. All things considered, serum uric acid may induce cardiovascular and kidney events both directly and indirectly by promoting other well-known mechanisms of damage. While asymptomatic hyperuricemia is currently not considered to be an indication for urate lowering therapy, there is growing evidence indicating a linear relationship between pharmacological reduction in serum uric acid and incidence of cardiovascular and renal events.

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F. Viazzi, University of Genoa

Department of Cardionephrology

G. Leoncini, University of Genoa

Department of Cardionephrology

R. Pontremoli, University of Genoa

Department of Cardionephrology