Chikungunya arthritis: report of 6 cases

  • A. Volpe |
  • A. Angheben
  • A. Marchetta
  • P. Caramaschi
  • D. Biasi
  • A. Carletto
  • S. Marocco
  • G. Monteiro
  • L.M. Bambara
  • G. Arcaro
  • Z. Bisoffi


Chikungunya is an arboviral disease transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. The disease typically consists of an acute illness characterised by fever, rash, and incapacitating arthralgia, that can persist for months. Chikungunya virus, a member of the genus Alphavirus, has recently caused a large outbreak on islands in the Indian Ocean and on the Indian subcontinent. The ongoing outbreak has involved more than 1.5 million patients, including travellers who have visited these areas. We describe our casistic of six travellers with Chikungunya arthropathy. All patients experienced fever and rash of short term during a travel in areas of epidemicity. All patients had peripheral poliarthralgias, which duration was >2 months in 4 cases (66%) and >6 months in 1 case (16%).



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Volpe, A., Angheben, A., Marchetta, A., Caramaschi, P., Biasi, D., Carletto, A., Marocco, S., Monteiro, G., Bambara, L., Arcaro, G., & Bisoffi, Z. (1). Chikungunya arthritis: report of 6 cases. Reumatismo, 60(2), 136-140.

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