Prevalence of erosive osteoarthritis of the hand in a population from venitian area

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F. Cavasin *
L. Punzi
R. Ramonda
M. Pianon
F. Oliviero
P. Sfriso
S. Todesco
(*) Corresponding Author:
F. Cavasin |


Objectives: The exact prevalence of erosive osteoarthritis (EOA) is still unknown. Aim of our study was therefore to evaluate the prevalence of osteoarthritis (OA) and EOA of the hand in a representative population from Venetian area. Methods: All people aged > 40 years of a small town in Venetian area has been considered. A complete clinical evaluation has been performed in all subjects. For those patients with clinical signs or symptoms of OA, radiographic evaluation of the hands has been carried out. Results: The entire population aged >40 years living in Silea entered the study. Signs or symptoms of OA were present in 200 out 640 subjects (31.2%), whereas EOA was diagnosed in 17 (8.5%) all female, mean age 57.5±10.1 years (range 41-74) mean disease duration 5.1±3.8 years (range 1-15). The most frequently involved joint was the second DIP of the right hand. Conclusion: The prevalence of EOA in the Venetian area seems to be around 8.5%.

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