Sarcoidosis presenting with Raynaud’s syndrome: a case report

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A. Nigro *
F. Iannone
V. Grattagliano
F. Sanguedolce
G. Lapadula
(*) Corresponding Author:
A. Nigro |


We report a case of association between sarcoidosis and Raynaud’s syndrome. A 39 year old female presented fatigue, Raynaud’s syndrome, IgG and erithrosedimentation rate (ESR) increase, polyarthralgy in which disseminated micronodular infiltration in the chest X-ray and histological demonstration of non-caseating epitheloid microgranulomas led to a diagnosis of concomitant sarcoidosis. Clues to the diagnosis of sarcoidosis coexisting with autoimmune desease are discussed.

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