Esophageal dysmotility in scleroderma patients with different disease forms and ANA patterns: a scintigraphic study in 100 cases

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F. Cozzi *
P. Zucchetta
N. Durigon
M.C. Marzola
A. Bullo
M. Favaro
F. Bui
S. Todesco
(*) Corresponding Author:
F. Cozzi |


Objective: To define the prevalence and severity of esophageal involvement in systemic sclerosis (SSc) and its relationship with the different clinical forms and ANA specificities of the disease. Methods: A hundred consecutive patients with SSc, 48 with cutaneous limited, 26 with intermediate and 26 with diffuse form of disease, 49 with anti-centromere and 37 with anti-Scl70 ANA pattern, were submitted to scintigraphy using a semisolid orally ingested bolus to detect esophageal hypomotility. Results: An impairment of esophageal function has been observed in 68% of SSc patients. Esophageal dysmotility was significantly more frequent and severe in patients with cutaneous diffuse and intermediate forms of SSc and with anti- Scl70 ANA pattern. Conclusions: Esophageal involvement is very common in SSc. The scintigraphy confirms to be a useful and non invasive diagnostic method; moreover it permits to quantify the severity of the esophageal dysmotility by analyzing both global and segmental function.

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