Sodium-gold thyosolphatum therapy: an open, viewed, multicenter trial in rheumatoid arthritis patients followed for two years

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M.L. Ciompi *
C. Amoresano
P. Balzarini
L.M. Bazzichi
M. Broggini
L. Buratti
F. Calcagnile
A. Ciocci
S. Ferri
C. Fichera
M. Fumagalli
M. Muratore
F. Nitti
G. Peruz
G. Romagnoni
(*) Corresponding Author:
M.L. Ciompi |


Objective: To evaluate if parenteral gold-therapy with Sodium-Gold Thyosolphatum is effective and safe for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis we began an open, multicenter trial. Methods: 126 rheumatoid arthritis patients were treated with Sodium-Gold Thyosolphatum for two years. Efficacy, quality of life, progression of joint damage, inflammatory parameters and side effects were evaluated. Results: Gold salts reduced joint inflammation and improved subjective and objective symptoms, quality of life and activity of illness within 6 months. Side effects appeared in 13,8% of all cases and regressed, promptly, when gold therapy stopped. The poor efficacy caused the interruption and the change from the gold therapy to others diseasemodifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMRDs) in 17,8 % of the patients. Conclusions: The follow-up showed Sodium-Gold Thyosolphatum was effective in Rheumatoid Arthritis and the survival in therapy was of 77,8% to one year and of 68,4% to two years.

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