Analgesic dose range finding of lornoxicam compared to diclofenac. Crossover double blind study in rheumatoid arthritis

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G.P. Pasero *
O. Di Munno
(*) Corresponding Author:
G.P. Pasero |


Objective: To evaluate the therapeutic action and safety of lornoxicam, a new non steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, in 2 oral daily dose regimens of 8 and 16 mg in comparison with oral diclofenac 150 mg/day in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Methods: Double blind double-dummy cross-over, controlled trial. The two treatments were given for ten-day periods, separated by a three-day wash-out interval. Patients of both sexes with classical or definite rheumatoid arthritis according to the A.R.A. criteria were enrolled in the study. Results: Fourteen patients (12F, 2M) were admitted, mean age 61.6 years ± 6.7 (±SD), duration of illness 12.7 years ± 11.9. Lornoxicam 8 and 16 mg/day showed a good therapeutic activity, comparable with diclofenac 150 mg/day. Two patients complained adverse events with diclofenac. Conclusions: Lornoxicam 16 mg/day was associated with a more sharp action and a better tolerability than diclofenac in rheumatoid arthritis. The twice a day dosage of lornoxicam revealed to be appropriate.

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