Efficacy and safety of Amtolmetin Guacyl in the symptomatic treatment of the osteoarthritis

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G. Biasi *
L. Moltoni
C. Acciai
S. Di Martino
R. Marcolongo
(*) Corresponding Author:
G. Biasi | office@pagepress.org


Forty-two patients affected by osteoarthritis have been treated with two parallel schemes, in double blind, according to parallel groups, to have a correct evaluation of the efficacy and safety of Amtolmetin Guacyl administration on at full stomach or empty stomach. As parameters of efficacy the spontaneus pain and the pain caused by movements, the function and joint pain have been considered, while gastric tolerance has been evaluated by means of daily records made by patients and the general tolerance through an annotation of adverse events, vital signs as well as parameters of laboratory. The drug worked for both groups, but it has been particulary efficent in those who have assumed the drug on a empty stomach. The general tolerance has been good and some adverse side effects, concerning the gastric tolerance, have disappeared by reducing the dosage of the drug. As a result of this study we can assume that amtolmetin guacyl is much more efficent when it is assumed on a empty stomach, with its conseguent advantages in terms of compliance and its possible utilization in case of need.

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