Low power radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation for the treatment of pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee

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L. Alcidi *
E. Beneforti
M. Maresca
U. Santosuosso
M. Zoppi
(*) Corresponding Author:
L. Alcidi | office@pagepress.org


Different techniques have been used in some rheumatic diseases to induce a therapeutic effect by heating deep tissues. These techniques are commonly known as ‘thermotherapy’ (1-4). It should be observed that adequate heating of deep tissues cannot be obtained by conduction or convection of heat because the skin and subcutaneous fat are good thermal insulators and because heating is reduced by blood flow in superficial vessels. Heating of deep tissues can instead be obtained by conversion of other forms of energy into heat. Conversion heat is generated by different types of radiations absorbed by deep tissues: when radiation interacts with tissues, some energy is converted into heat. High power radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation (RF), which produces strong thermal energy, has been widely applied in medicine for ablative procedures (5-7).

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